Features and Benefits

Highest AEP at Tip Heights From Under 50 m:

Due to its load-avoiding design which copes well with wind shear and turbulence, Windflow turbines can use a larger rotor with low tip heights compared to most other turbines. The 33-500 can produce up to 1,896 MWh/yr at 10.0 m/s AMWS and the 45-500 up to 2,023 MWh/yr at 8.5 m/s AMWS. Low tip height will help to minimise visibility, the 50 m tip height is a planning threshold in some areas, or may be necessary to avoid radar issues.

Two-bladed Teeter Control System ™(TCS):

The Windflow two-bladed design uniquely allows the turbine blades to teeter on a hinge. This teetering motion is linked to an asymmetric pitching mechanism of the turbine blades. Uneven wind gusts are passively absorbed thus reducing the fatigue loads throughout the turbine. This results in reductions in turbine weight and cost and an increase in turbine reliability.

Torque-Limiting Gearbox ™ (TLG):

With the aid of active pitch control, the turbine blades and hub deliver the gearbox with near-constant speed of rotation, via the low speed shaft. The high speed shaft from the gearbox driving the synchronised synchronous generator requires a constant speed of rotation. So, the small variations in hub speed (caused by potentially damaging wind gusts) are absorbed by a hydraulic pump on a second output from the gearbox. The torque limiting gearbox ™ is patented in several countries.

Grid-Friendly Synchronous Generator:

Due to the constant input from the Torque Limiting Gearbox, the Windflow turbine is able to utilize a synchronous generator, synchronised directly with the grid without the aid of costly and unreliable power electronics.  As well as reducing costs and increasing reliability, this feature allows for easier connection to the grid.  Active and reactive power can be managed over a wide range.

Design Integrity and Manufacturing Quality:

The Windflow turbines have gone through rigorous assessment and testing to ensure that the highest safety and durability regulations are met.  In September 2010 the Windflow 33-500 received the IEC Type Approval Certificate from Lloyd's Register, on the basis of design certification to IEC61400 part 1 (edition 3) and manufacture under our ISO 9001 quality system. This ensures our turbines are appropriately engineered against damage from hazards within the planned lifetime.