Cashmere High School wins Zayed Future Energy Prize

Windflow congratulates Cashmere High School on winning the Zayed Future Energy Prize in the Global High Schools category.

Windflow congratulates Cashmere High School on winning the prestigious international Zayed Future Energy Prize in the Global High Schools category, Oceania region.  The winning team has been awarded US$100,000 toward implementing their renewable energy and sustainability project.

On being named a Finalist for the 2016 prize in mid October 2015, the Cashmere High team indicated they were "proud and honoured to be the first school in New Zealand to be named as finalists in the Zayed Future Energy Prize.“  Cashmere High was also named a finalist in 2015 for the same category, but did not win that year.

A media release from the Zayed website gives a sense of the level of competition in the Global High Schools category:

"Global High Schools Committee Chair, Dr. Abdulla Ismail Alzarouni, Assistant to the President, Rochester Institute of Technology, added: “Increasingly the Global High Schools category is inspiring the next generation of leaders to think about how they can shape a world that thinks and acts sustainably and will ensure a future with energy access for all. Selecting the 14 finalists in this category out of the 189 submissions in this category was an incredibly difficult task."

Leith Cooper, part of the Faculty of Science of Cashmere High and leader of the Cashmere High team, reached out to Chris Holsonback, Windflow’s Licensing Manager, to host the team and a film crew at Windflow’s original prototype 33-500 wind turbine at Gebbies Pass.  After a tour of the turbine and discussion of renewable energy and New Zealand’s leadership position, Chris was interviewed in support of the Cashmere High’s team submission for the final prize.

The Cashmere High team was invited to send two students and one faculty member to the awards ceremony in Abu Dhabi, UAE.  The award ceremony occurred on January 19th 2016.  The Cashmere High team learned that they were the winners of their prize category at the ceremony itself.

On learning of the Cashmere High’s subsequent win, Chris said, “On behalf of Windflow, I was proud to support Cashmere High’s winning submission for the Zayed Future Energy Prize.  The Cashmere High student team and teachers exemplify the kind of forward thinking and leadership that Windflow exhibits in the wind turbine world.  It’s fantastic to be a part of something that garners international recognition of New Zealand’s leadership position in renewable energy.  New Zealand must keep that up by working toward 100% renewable energy and complete environmental sustainability.  Once again, congratulations to Cashmere High.” 

For more information, see this article in The National, Cashmere High's announcement, and Radio New Zealand National's interview with the Cashmere High student team.

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