Windflow Technology Westray Turbine performs in Scottish storm conditions

The Windflow Technology team in the UK are delighted with the performance of the Windflow 500 wind turbine

Strong winds play to Windflow’s’ strengths

Through the recent ‘Storm Xaver’ Windflow are delighted to confirm the turbine ran well throughout the recent storms which brought havoc to Scotland and other parts of the UK on 5th December.

Whilst many turbines were shutdown the Windflow 500 is designed for survival of 157 mph winds, with full IEC 61400 Class 1A safety factors giving a significant margin above the conditions seen.

Taking advantage of the North of Scotland’s windy conditions the Windflow 500 at Hammer Farm, Westray generated exactly 12 MW over a 24 hour period.

This is the maximum amount that a 500 kW turbine can generate in 24 hours, and it means that the turbine never dipped below 500 kW.

The smooth and controlled output that the turbine provides, even up to wind speeds of 30 m/s, is a testament to Windflow’s load-avoiding drive train technology.

The high and sustained wind speeds on Westray prove that this is an ideal first project to demonstration the Windflow 500’s capabilities. The only limitation of this site is the Orkney grid, which actively manages the network to limit wind generation, which means that the turbine is sometimes curtailed by SSE in good wind conditions.

For more information on the Windflow 500 contact Steve Squires. or phone : +44 7552112488