Windflow protests changes to planning laws

In recent weeks the new government has rapidly sought to limit on-shore wind energy through attacks on multiple fronts, including: the Feed In Tariff, Levey Exemption Certificates, and Planning. Windflow is fighting for the rights of landowners to develop renewable energy projects though working with industry colleagues and lobbying ministers. The following letter sent to Greg Clark, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government is an example. …

Windflow UK Issues Open Letter DCLG

In response to policy changes that would actually reduce local residents’ say in onshore wind power in the UK, Windflow and other small & medium wind manufacturers have written a letter to Communities Secretary Greg Clark protesting the changes.

“It is imperative that British farmers both secure new income streams that can contribute to their farms’ cash flow, and generate power to stem the tide of rising energy costs. Small wind turbines that enable these increasingly squeezed business to ‘farm wind’ are of huge value to the survival of British farms, as well as other small and medium industries which form the fabric of the wider rural economy...rural communities [must be able] to deploy small-scale clean technologies that are appropriate to the location.”

 Read the full letter [PDF version] here.