New international supply relationships improve cost of energy

Windflow is pleased to announce new supply relationships that will improve the cost of wind energy.

This image is of Windflow 45-500 blade moulds leaving the port at Baltimore, USA. These moulds are being shipped to a new international blade supplier for Windflow that currently serves the midsize wind industry globally. We are very excited about this new supply relationship, and the positive impact it promises to have on our customers' cost of energy.

In the coming weeks representatives from Windflow will travel to the supplier’s facility to perform a detailed quality audit, consistent with Windflow's certified ISO 9001 Quality Management system. The audit will include detailed checks of the supplier’s internal quality system and manufacturing process, including a detailed first article inspection. All of these checks must be passed to ensure the supplier’s components meet Windflow’s stringent quality demands. This process is a part of Windflow’s commitment to customers to supply durable and reliable wind turbines.

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