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Our portfolio:

Windflow UK Ltd has developed a number of operational projects.  These are all in areas of medium and high wind speeds, where returns are strongest.  We welcome interest from Investors in this portfolio.

Low risk:

A recent Engineer's report from Garrad Hassan concluded that the Windflow 500 turbine is "commercially proven", which is the highest ranking of their assessment scale.  This is on the basis of: design certification to IEC61400 part 1 (edition 3), manufacture under our ISO 9001 quality system and the proven track record from over 3.5 million running hours on extremely demanding sites.

Our agreements with landowners and contractors are assessed by our lawyers to ensure they are sound and bankable.

Easy to Do Business With:

With our "full service" support for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and extended warranty, we aim to be an Investor's "Partner of Choice in Mid-size Wind".

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The photo below shows Te Rere Hau wind farm in New Zealand where 97 Windflow 500 turbines are operating at high availability, despite annual mean wind speeds at many locations exceeding 10 m/s coupled with very high turbulence intensity.

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