Key benefits for Developers of working directly with the manufacturer

The Feed In Tariff:

As a Developer you will already be familiar with the Feed In Tariff and know that 500 kW is an ideal turbine size. You are likely to have a range of sites you are seeking to develop and will be aware that the highest returns will be achieved at higher wind speed sites, for which the Windflow turbines have been optimised, especially as the FIT reduces. However it is also likely that these higher wind speed sites have access constraints and / or challenges of weak grids.  Both of these play to the strengths of Windflow turbines.

The Windflow Sweet Spot:

Windflow turbines will be extremely competitive on sites where one or more of the following apply:

  • Designed and optimised for middle and higher wind speed sites where FIT income is greatest
  • The only fully IEC certified class 1 turbine with a tip height under the important 50 m planning threshold (33-500 1A) or from 54 m (45-500 2A variant)
  • Able to operate on sites with high shear and high turbulence, thanks to its load-avoiding design
  • The lightest and most compact 500 kW turbine, could avoid expensive access costs for single installations
  • Ability to manage active and reactive power over a very wide range, assists connection where grid is weak or connection is actively managed
  • Single lift of fully assembled nacelle adds confidence of erection in winter months, important to hit FIT deadlines

Commercially Proven:

Developers wanting to maximise returns from their projects will appreciate that the FIT not only provides exceptional returns, but that these returns run for 20 years. Taking full advantage of this opportunity requires a turbine which will provides trouble-free performance for the full duration. For the best and windiest of your sites, this requires the toughest of turbines. An Independent Engineer's report from Garrad Hassan concluded that "the Windflow 500 can be considered commercially proven", their highest level of maturity.

Direct Support for larger Developers:

As a larger Developer you are likely to have an in-house planning team, project management team or retained consultants and therefore have less need for the development services provided by our approved Dealers.  Therefore we work directly with larger Developers to support your projects.

You are still able to use the services of our approved Dealers where these are of value and complement your own capabilities.

Talk to us about turnkey installation and our fully-inclusive maintenance and extended warranty service.

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The photo below shows Te Rere Hau wind farm in New Zealand where 97 Windflow 500 turbines are operating at high availability, despite annual mean wind speeds at many locations exceeding 10m/s coupled with very high turbulence intensity.

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