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Together with our Dealers we offer a range of services to assist the development, build and operation of your projects.


Our local staff and our approved UK Dealers can assist you at all stages to ensure the success of your wind energy project.

Our approved Dealers offer bespoke development services through to full turn-key solutions, right from the feasibility of the project, through planning, grid application, financing, balance of plant, turbine installation, to long term operations and maintenance.

Selected development services or fully managed turn-key solutions; it is your choice.

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The planning and grid connection processes are complex, potentially expensive and time-consuming all without any guarantee of success. Our UK Dealers and their planning teams can help you to ensure this process is as risk free and stress free as possible. We can also provide all the required information for your own planning consultants if you prefer. Windsmith working up a Windflow nacelle


Windflow UK and our Dealers can help you with the modelling and analysis of your wind project in order to optimise your return. We can also assist you to secure finance and insurance.  Most of the large UK banks lend against Windflow projects thanks to its IEC certified design and proven track record.


Our Dealers can manage civil, electrical, installation and commissioning work for Windflow turbine projects as flexible services or managed turn-key solutions. We can also provide information to assist your contractors if a turn-key approach is not being used, for example providing requirements for foundations, roads and electrical balance of plant design.


Windflow has a comprehensive approach to operations and maintenance:

  • Our Dealers offer a full Operations and Maintenance service, backed up by use of Windflow's SCADA system and its stock of UK spares.
  • A five year Warranty is offered as standard which covers parts, labour and crane costs.  A 'full service' warranty underwritten by GD SATCOM Technologies is also available. (5 or 10 years, fixed price, all inclusive, revenue compensation). GD SATCOM Technologies is a new mid-wind entrant, part of a $32bn Industrial Firm.
  • Landowners and Developers will also have access to their own turbines' real time and historical information via the internet.

Contact us to discuss your project's needs.