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Transport & Installation

Transport & Installation of Windflow turbines

Thanks to the two-bladed load-avoiding design the Windflow turbine is both lighter and more compact than conventional three-bladed turbines. The nacelle weighs only 12 tonnes and the blade tips just overhang the end of a standard articulated trailer by 4 metres.

Light and compact makes it easier to deliver and for the crane to gain access, as standard trucks and roads can be used. Widening, straightening and strengthening of public access roads are unlikely to be required and, typically, existing farm tracks do not need to be modified. This is particularly important for single installations where additional costs could tip the project from viable to non-viable.

Light and two-bladed means the nacelle and rotor are fully assembled at ground level. They are then lifted onto the tower in one easy lift with a single 80 tonne crane, something not possible for conventional three-bladed turbines.  The two-bladed design also allows the crucial nacelle lift in higher windspeeds than a three-bladed design.

Should the replacement of a gearbox, generator or pitch bearings be required, this work would normally be performed with the nacelle lowered to the safety of ground level and require no more than a day of crane hire.

Below are pictures of transport and installation.

Two Windflow nacelles on truck

lifting Windflow 500 nacelle off truck at Te Rere Hau

attaching the blades to the nacelle

nacelle and rotor ready to be lifted

Windflow nacelle being lifted onto tower