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Our rugged and proven 33m Windflow turbines are available at 250, 330 and 500 kW ratings and are designed and certified to IEC 61400, edition 3, Class 1a

Key statistics:

  • 500 kW - best FIT revenue bracket
  • Highest annual energy production of any turbine under 50 m tip height, on a class 1 site
  • 33 m diameter, two-bladed rotor
  • 30 or 50 m hub height
  • 3.9 - 30 m/s operating wind speeds
  • Also available with low rotor speed at 250 and 330 kW

windflow UK brochure cover

Download a brochure about the Windflow turbines.

View a video about the turbine.

Product features and benefits:

    Reliability and long life

    The two-bladed teetering rotor and Torque Limiting Gearbox are designed to avoid damaging loads and the turbine is IEC certified for at least a 20 year life in strong winds.

    Grid Friendly Synchronous Generator

    The synchronous generator connected directly to the grid provides compliance with grid codes at no extra cost and enhances the ability to connect to weak grids.  Its elegant simplicity avoids the complexity and unreliability of an electrical converter which direct drive and variable speed turbines need. Read more about the generator here.

    Light weight design for easy transport & installation

    The Windflow 500 is the lightest and most compact in its class. It is easier to deliver and install with standard trucks and an 80 t crane, best for single installations in remote locations.

    Easy planning

    The 30 m tower option gives a tip height under the 50 m threshold, which makes planning easier, especially in Scotland. 50 m towers are also available.

    Easy to operate and maintain

    Mechanical components from established suppliers means a turbine that is easy to maintain and less likely to suffer from obsolete electronic components.

    Certified and proven design

    The Windflow turbine is fully certified to IEC 61,400 (Class 1A) and is made with components from established suppliers in New Zealand, Australia, UK and Europe.

    The company’s flagship turbine, the Windflow 500, has a proven track record with almost 100 turbines. Many are operating at one of the toughest, windiest wind farm locations in the world, Te Rere Hau on New Zealand's continental divide. Click here to see the turbines' performance.

    The Windflow 330 and the Windflow 250 variants of this original design are variants of the same proven turbine with a lower speed rotor, optimised for medium wind speed sites. This provides the benefits of closer siting to neighbouring properties and the possibility of connection to weaker grids with reduced capacity.

    Comprehensive warranty options and local approved O&M providers help ensure continued operation to maximise your return on investment.

    Find the high level turbine specification here.