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Building and O&M your Project

Frequently asked questions by landowners and farmers regarding how to building, operating and maintaining your wind turbine project

Building your project

Access for delivery and installation

Please see this page about the ease of transport and installation of Windflow turbines.

Operating and maintaining your project

What difference does the Torque Limiting Gearbox make?

Turbulence causes rapidly changing loads on the rotor, which in turn can cause rapid changes in the torque loads throughout the drive train of a traditional wind turbine. Even with typical variable speed turbines a gearbox sees huge torque spikes due to the referred inertia of the generator.  For example a rotor may be allowed to speed up by 2rpm to absorb a gust, but it may have to accelerate the generator by 100rpm due to the fixed gearbox ratio.

Windflow's patented Torque Limiting Gearbox has a variable speed mechanism which can very rapidly change its ratio so that the rotor can accelerate while the generator remains at constant speed without the load increasing. Windflow turbines have been operating over 150 turbine years and we have never had a gearbox failure driven by torque loads despite the demanding siting of our turbines.

What is the track record of the installed fleet in New Zealand?

Over 10 years we have produced 98 Windflow 500 turbines all of which are still running at high availability in New Zealand.  This is achieved despite the high wind speeds and turbulence intensity of their locations and the fact that early models had some teething problems which have now been addressed.  Please find the fleet's availability information here.

As a potential purchaser you should ask other potential turbine manufacturers: how many turbines of the exact same model they have made, whether they use the same definition of availability as Windflow, what the availability of their entire fleet is, how many if any have ever seen the extremely demanding conditions that our fleet faces day in day out. Most of northern Europe is very benign in comparison with the central dividing range of New Zealand!

What Maintenance is Required?

Planned maintenance for a Windflow will typically consist of 6 monthly services.

There are two elements of unplanned maintenance.  There are alarms which are triggered periodically by the turbine's control systems, for example a momentary over-speed.  Many of these, after investigation, can be reset remotely.  Those which our operating procedures do not allow to be reset remotely require a site visit.  The turbine control system will provide useful information to inform the crew what work, and potentially tools and parts, will be required in order to make the most of their visit.

Who will Operate and Maintain Windflow Turbines?

Windflow is currently in the process of establishing its Operations and Maintenance operations for the UK.  Our fleet SCADA system will be used and a central stock of spare parts will be held.  Scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities will be provided by our Dealers and potential third parties, according to the location of the turbine.  Our Dealers have been chosen for their capability and experience in offering such services.

If you wish to obtain more information about Windflow turbines, please either contact us, or contact one of your Dealers.