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Benefits of a Windflow turbine for your project, whether you are a landowner, business or community group

If you wish to earn revenue from a wind turbine on your land, there are two main options:

TRH single turbine and sheep

* Lease your site - 20 years income with no investment

* Own a wind turbine - invest and earn up to £387,000* per year (for 20 years!)

Lease your site

If you would prefer to earn an annual income from leasing your site, without the risk or financial investment of owning your own turbine, Windflow UK and our Dealers can assess your site for a lease arrangement. Although returns may not be as high as owning your own turbine, site leasing takes most of the hassle and risk out of the project for the landowner.

We manage (and finance) the complex planning and grid connection processes, and finance and manage the installation and operation of the turbine. Several landowners in the UK have signed up to a lease arrangement with Windflow UK and/or our Dealers and planning permission has been granted for turbines on their land. The turbine on Westray is an example of a landowner leasing their site rather than owning the wind turbine.

Interested?  Contact us for a discussion.

Own a wind turbine

A single 500 kW turbine offers the highest Feed In Tariff rate (p/kWh) and is an attractive option for those that have the desire and financial ability to own their own wind turbine.  

* With a Feed In Tariff rate of 18.04 p/kWh (17.5 p/kWh + inflation), plus a generation rate of 4.64 p/kWh), a turbine on a 10 m/s AMWS site would realistically earn up to £387,000 per year. (Assumes 10% generation losses. Gross production values would equate to ~£430,000 revenue per year).

Windflow UK and our Dealers can help you with the modelling and analysis of your wind project in order to optimise your return and, if desired, can help you develop your own project or find partners. We can also assist you to secure finance and insurance.  Most of the large UK banks lend for Windflow projects thanks to its IEC certified design and proven track record.  They are pre-approved for finance by many major UK lenders, including: AMC Finance, Barclays, HSBC, RBS/NatWest and Peregrine Finance.

The process of assessing, developing, financing, building and maintaining a wind turbine is described for Landowners, in our frequently asked questions (FAQs) accessed through the menus on the left-hand side.

If you wish to obtain more information about Windflow turbines, please etiher contact us, or contact one of your Dealers


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