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The Company

Windflow in the UK

Windflow Technology Limited is a New Zealand based designer and manufacturer of wind turbines. Our first turbine in the UK was installed on Westray, in the Orkney Islands, Scotland in early 2013, with several more since. We have been manufacturing and installing wind turbines for the last decade in New Zealand, where 98 Windflow 500s are up and running. Click here to read more.

Windflow UK Limited is the wholly-owned local subsidiary of Windflow Technology which was established to provide support to the UK market:

  • Our primary route to market is through our network of qualified Dealers
  • We both sell turbines and lease sites to develop our own projects
  • We also work directly with larger Developers

Windflow UK is backed by the engineering, production, quality, commercial and operations team in New Zealand.

Our nacelle assembly plant in New Zealand is shown below.

Windflow factory 2